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About i2t2

About i2t2

is an Engineering Services provider handling diverse projects with offices in New Jersey, USA and Hyderabad, India. We are a renowned service provider, offering engineering services like Green Buildings construction, Plumbing, Design Engineering etc. We can also accommodate a single-phase project or deliver a complete turnkey job.

Established in 1997, with a rich experience and specialization in delivering engineering solutions, services and technologies, collaborating with companies to formulate, implement and execute their global mechanical and civil engineering strategies. Our experience also includes domestic and international sites.

Mission Statement

The success of i2t2 is its ability to comply with the expectations and demands of our customers in an economical and timely way. We attain them through solutions based on innovative technologies, efficient processes and world-class competencies in our team.

Quality Commitment

i2t2 is committed to providing accurate, high-quality services tailored to individual requirements of each project. Our company adds value through responsiveness, field experience, and timely technical solutions. From concept sketches, as-builts and final design drawings to analysis and project documentation, we emphasize on a clear presentation of information, accuracy, and close attention to schedules.

We pride ourselves on our ability to interface smoothly with engineering, operations, maintenance, and craft personnel from all disciplines. i2t2 works to minimize capital costs and ensure ease of construction and maintenance. We measure our success by our customers' satisfaction.


The infrastructure at i2t2 is essentially a dedicated intermix of specialized programming and engineering resources. With sustained infrastructural investments over the years, we have created a hi-tech work environment from where our qualified professionals comprising of Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, provide high quality solutions to clients.

By perfectly combining analytical abilities, in depth knowledge and practical experience, i2t2 delivers services that exceed client expectations. Our services not only assist you meet cost and productivity targets but also enables you explore new markets.

You will be surprised to learn that what you have been doing work at a much higher cost until now can be achieved in a much better manner and at a reduced cost with us.

If you are an Engineering Services firm, you have an added advantage with us, as we offer services for the smallest part of your project and consult us in any stage. For an instance, we can do the modeling of a structure in software of your choice, and then you can perform the analysis & design at your facility.

We are conversant with all major international codes and practices and can work proficiently overseas according to their domestic specifications. We use client specific software for analysis and design work to their convenience.
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